Ask Me Anything #5

Online Webinar

Webinar Ask Me Anything #5 Internal Consultation for Network Code Demand Response

Internal Consultation for Network Code Demand Response

DSO Entity is delighted to be hosting to the first our of three webinars organised by the Expert Group Distributed Flexibility (EG DF) as part of the “Ask Me Anything” series.The webinars of EG DF will introduce their role, work priorities and relevance for DSOs, with a focus on the Network Code Demand Response (NC DR). As a members only webinar, it will give you the opportunity to interact and ask questions to the Chair and all the experts.

The upcoming discussion will center around the preliminary version of the Network Code Demand Response (NC DR), which will be under internal consultation from 4 March to 17 March. This webinar aims to provide valuable support to members actively engaged in this consultation process, including the SAG, CEG, EGs, and TFs, by offering a comprehensive overview of the key highlights of the Network Code Demand Response. Moreover, it will create an interactive platform for participants to engage directly with the development team, fostering a dialogue conducive to insightful discussions. Your accurate and constructive feedback during this session and in the consultation exercise will play a vital role in integrating the perspectives of DSOs into the evolving the draft of the Network Code Demand Response (NC DR).

The webinar is planned for Tuesday 12 March, from 09:30 to 11:00 (CET).

Please see the draft agenda below:
                                                                                        Welcome and Introduction
                                                                         Carlos Castel (DSO Entity, EG DF Coordinator)

                                                                Presentation on the Network Code Demand Response:
                                                                        Torsten Knop (E.ON, Chair of DSO Entity EG DF)

                                                                          Dialogue with development team members
                                                    Daniel Davi Arderius (E-Distribución Redes Digitales, DSO Entity EG DF)
                                                       Georg Hartner (Austrian Electricity Companies, DSO Entity EG DF)
                                                                             Paul de Wit (Alliander, DSO Entity EG DF)
                                                                Yvonne Ruwaida (Vattenfall Distribution, DSO Entity EG DF)

                                                                                                 Final remarks

Slides will be made available for members after the webinars conclusion.

Should you have any question, please contact our communications department